5 Makeup Removers That Don’t Work As Well As Crying Uncontrollably

Removing your makeup is an essential part of a nightly skincare routine and, due to your recent breakup, so is crying uncontrollably. Here are some makeup removers that are great for getting rid of eye makeup and mascara, but fall short when compared with a long, hard sob.


Estee Lauder ‘Take It Away’ (Nordstrom, $28.00)Estee_Lauder

This makeup remover works wonders for women with dry skin! Though this hydrating lotion reduces acne scars, it doesn’t do much for the emotional scars from Ted’s recent text that just said, “This is over.” Estee Lauder’s creamy remover will take away the makeup, but only crying can take away the deep feelings of despair that consume you every night!





Herbal_Choice_makeup_removerHerbal Choice Organic Makeup Remover (Nature’s Brands, $17.95)

Free of GMOs, petroleum, and preservatives, this USDA-certified organic makeup remover is gentle and safe. Sure, nothing feels more natural than bursting into tears after a long day of scrolling through Ted’s Facebook, but this all-natural remover will come close. This makeup remover’s beneficial oils will nourish and cleanse, but let’s be honest: You just can’t beat the organic process of warm, salty water spewing from your red, puffy eyeballs. Bye-bye, mascara!





Clinique Cleansing Towelettes (Sephora, $14.00)Clinique

These towelettes are perfect for the girl on-the-go! Pop them in your purse for easy access and forget to use them as you weep in the bathroom stall of a Midtown bar. Why did Ted do this to you? Before you even find the towelettes in the bottom of your bag, the moisture from bawling your eyes out will leave your face feeling fresh and luminous.






sensitive_removerSens’Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser (Sephora, $25.00)

This mild cleanser is a foolproof option if you have sensitive skin, but it misses the mark if you’re a sensitive sad sack. This calming formula is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft, though it can never soften the harsh reality that Ted matched with your roommate on Tinder the day after he broke up with you. Only a long cry can wipe clean your smoky eye and emotionally fragile state.





CVS Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover (CVS, $5.79)CVS_Oil-Free_Eye_Makeup_Remover__2_3_OZ_-_CVS_com

If you’re looking for an affordable way to remove your makeup, this generic CVS brand is a great option, but still second best to violently weeping, which is totally free! Ted owes you about $200, so say goodbye this generic brands and commit to a nightly routine of crying!






These products are key to removing makeup, dirt, and grease, but will never remove the overwhelming emptiness you feel every night when you realize Ted isn’t coming over. Happy cleansing!