Wow! The House From ‘Full House’ is Totally Hot Now

All 90s kids will remember the show Full House. Fans of the show fell in love with the Tanner Family — Uncle Jesse, DJ, Stephanie and, of course, the adorable Michelle played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. But the biggest character on the show was probably the big quirky San Francisco town home where the Tanner’s all lived, loved and grew. And even though it’s been over 20 years since the last episode aired, we have some amazing news — that house grew up and is TOTALLY hot now!


The cast of Full House has all changed a lot since the show aired. Mary Kate and Ashley left the acting biz to pursue fashion, Candace Cameron Burr became a Republican and Jodie Sweetin got a really big boob job! We didn’t hear much from the house for a while, but it was probably because it was busy hitting the gym. Was it the gentrification? I mean, my god, it’s so gorgeous now you wouldn’t believe!


It must have been awkward for all the child actors on the show to grown up and go through puberty on camera. The house, too, must have felt uncomfortable going through its gawky phase so publicly. But that house is proof that you can go from plain, dorky house to full-on thirst trap because now it’s so hot we’re shaking!


Time has definitely been kind to this hot-as-hell sex god of a house.



Even though it’s laid low for a while, the house from Full House is also now slowly returning to acting with a supporting role in the Netflix reboot of Full House, Fuller House. And even though that name might make some think that the house has filled out a bit, we can say that if it has, it’s in all the right places. The house is ripped!


Fans of the show have definitely taken notice of the new sexy house and have begun tweeting at the reboot to “show us more house!” and “tell the house to take it’s top off!” It’s unknown whether the house will have a bigger role in the next season but one thing’s for sure: We’re horny for more of this hot, hunky house!