4 Home Improvement Shows to Binge Watch While All Your Friends Are Buying Houses

There’s nothing better than dimming the lights in your apartment, settling into your secondhand couch, getting cozy under your roomies blanket, and binge-watching a DIY show. Sure, all your friends are out there taking the necessary steps to own actual real estate, but that’s no reason why you can’t live out the same dream, sort of. So here are four of our favorite home improvement shows to watch while all your friends are out buying actual houses!


Fixer Upper

We love Chip and Joanna! Witnessing this expert couple totally revamp old, dilapidated houses in their home state of Texas is so inspirational. Binge-watching this show will get you so pumped to buy a house of your own – until you remember that you never will because you have a BFA in “studio art” and you’ve made crippling financial decisions since the day you took out your first student loan. Whoops! At least it’s a great way to kill time while all your friends are physically purchasing their own houses! Score!


Design on a Dime

Watch a few seasons of this show, and you’ll be astounded by what host Casey Noble can do with $2,500! Of course, you’d never be able to afford to put aside two months of rent to spend on a home makeover. And you probably won’t ever need to, considering you can’t afford a house and you’re in here binge watching Netflix while your friends are putting down payments on split levels in Upstate New York. But it’s pretty much the same thing!


Rehab Addict

Seeing Nicole Curtis painstakingly salvage the original interiors of old homes makes this show worth watching in and of itself. But allowing yourself the fantasy of doing the same to your potential but unlikely future house makes it extra sweet! Go ahead and binge a few dozen episodes, and try to disregard the fact that all your friends are actually living this fantasy as they renovate their own houses that they bought with all the money they somehow have and you somehow don’t. You deserve it!



Home Improvement

So, this one is not exactly a home improvement show. But having a few laughs at a classic sitcom is an effective distraction from the crippling jealousy you feel as your friends buy houses while you sit in an apartment you share with three roommates and two cats and a severe mouse infestation and contemplate what it’d be like to be able to actually use some home improvement methods on your actual house but realize that that’ll probably never be a reality for you. Everyone could use a little humor!


Binge watch any of these fun and informative home improvement shows. And hey, maybe one day one of your friends will let you help them knock down a wall or rip up a floor or something!