4 Daily Actions to Keep Sephora from Discontinuing Your Favorite Beauty Blender

We are living in dark times, but if the past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that every American must participate in order for the beautiful experiment we call “democracy” to truly flourish. Daily action is required to create a world you want to live in, namely a world where Sephora’s Original Beautyblender stays on shelves forever and ever. Since we all want to avoid a true miscarriage of justice, here are four daily actions to make sure Sephora keeps it around for generations to come.


Write a strongly worded letter.

Grab some paper and your favorite gel pen and tell Sephora why the Original Beautyblender is so important to you. Explain to them why you won’t stop fighting until they guarantee free, equal, and eternal access to smooth, even foundation application for you and all fellow blenders. Sure, this might seem like an outdated form of communication. But writing letters is the original form of protest. Just like Sephora’s Original Beautyblender is the original beauty blender. Let freedom ring!


Call customer service.

A phone call is a more immediate way to exercise your civic duty. When the customer service rep answers the phone, make sure you tell them your name and VIB number, so they know you are a Very Important Beauty Insider (and so you can get some free samples—get your life, girl!). Calmly say, “I do not agree with Sephora’s proposed discontinuation of the Original Beautyblender. Thank you for your time.” Hang up the phone, and give yourself a pat on the back because you just helped to right the ship that is America.


Go speak with a store representative.

Nothing beats an in-person conversation with your local representative to remind them about those “inalienable rights” we’re all guaranteed by the Constitution. And yes, those rights were about streak-free makeup application. Head over to your local Sephora and when the door greeter asks if you need help with anything, calmly reply, “Yes. Democracy.” Explain to Jennifer the manager how you, a loyal Sephora customer, will be personally affected if they take the Original Beautyblender off of the shelves. Don’t forget to tell her the story of that one time you left it at home on your trip to New Orleans and were forced to use an off-brand beauty blender for three whole days. Our forefathers fought for our right to speak out against such grave injustices. Make your voice heard!



Stage a sit-in.

Sometimes we have to use our bodies to show we really mean business. So if all else fails, gather a group of friends together and stage a sit-in. Don’t leave until Jennifer the manager promises they’ll keep the Original Beautyblender in stock. Or until the mall closes—whichever happens first.


You were blessed to be born in the land of freedom and opportunity. But you have to do your part as an American to keep not just your face, but your children’s faces and your children’s children’s faces, streak-free and glowing for all time.