Our Favorite Bath Bombs And Also Why Voter Fraud Really Is a Massive Problem

If there’s anything we’re excited about in 2017, it’s bath bombs! We love soaking in a warm tub after a long day, and these colorful, fizzy bath bombs make it an exciting experience. Also, in spite of what many people and poll scientists are saying, did you know that voter fraud is a massive problem in this country? Really, if you think about it, it is a huge, huge problem and someone in power should do something about it. Anyway, here are our absolute FAVORITE bath bombs to soak in all the goodness:


“Guardian of the Forest” Bath Bomb (LUSH, $7.65)

This mystical, verdant soak had us in deep relaxation the moment this bomb hit the water. Prickly at first, the scent of calming cypress will overtake you as you relax into your woodland bath. Also, did you know that some people are registered to vote in TWO states at once? And did you ever think about all those people probably voted for Hillary Clinton? Think about it!


Valentine’s Gift Set (Pearl, $29.99)

This romantic bath bomb pairing is perfect for romance with a special someone. Relax and unwind with your beau (or just yourself!). Turn down the lights and light some candles while you both discuss the fact that, wow, there are dead people still on the voter rolls, and somebody, knowing they’re dead and also their address, could be voting in their name. I mean, this could equally affect either party, but WOW, it really makes you think about those three million votes that went to Hillary Clinton, doesn’t it??


Rose Bath Bomb With Blue Fizzle (Etsy, $4)

This simple and easy-to-make bath bomb can help you slip out of work mode and into thinking about how voter fraud really is probably the most important issue facing today’s world, and there is plenty of science to support it if you just look in the places you choose to look and not in other places you choose not to look, because those places are wrong and maybe we need to purge the voter rolls and prove that Donald Trump really did win the popular vote against all odds because the media is rigged. And we loooove bath bombs!



“Ickle Baby Bot” (LUSH, $4.50)

This tiny lil’ robot will work hard to make your bath fun and—wait, okay, one thing that the mainstream media refuses to talk about is how we’re going to prevent robots and bath bombs from registering as Democrats in the midterm elections! Why isn’t the media talking about this? There will be no more bath bombs until this problem is fixed!


So take off those work clothes and hop in the bath with these great-smelling bath bombs! Voter fraud is real countrywide conspiracy engineered by the Democratic Party who lost tremendously in the past election.