How to Base Your Entire Beauty Routine on .05 oz Sephora Samples

When in comes to makeup, sometimes expensive products can make all the difference in the world. But keeping up with a top shelf beauty regiment can break your wallet pretty quickly. Well, no worries! Sephora gives you free samples if you ask, so why not just solely depend on those teeny tiny dollops when you’re putting on your face in the morning? Here’s how to base your entire, and we mean entire, beauty routine on .05 oz Sephora samples.


Keep Your Skin Clean

To get glowing skin, it is essential that you keep your face clean. So next time you’re in Sephora, pick up the best-selling SKI-II’s Treatment Cleanser. It usually goes for $70, but it’s free when you ask for a sample! You’ll feel on top of the world leaving Sephora with a miniature jar of fancy product that you’ll be able to use to clean your face one time. You did it, ya fresh faced sneak! Now that you’re out of product though you’re going to have to work extra hard to never get your face dirty again.



Even Out Your Skin Tone

Normally you might reach for your tube of drugstore Maybelline foundation, but you’re a fancy bitch now! Grab your sample blob of Yves Saint Laurent Matte Foundation, and apply it to instantly blur fine lines. You’ll only have enough product to cover your forehead, so just crouch under your desk at work and voilà, you’ll get so many compliments! If you have to get up, hold a big book or a paper fan in front of most of your face. When you’re coworkers say, “Why is she holding that big book?” you’ll know you have their respect! Thanks, Sephora!


Get Cheeky

Looking luminous and rosy for the fall is a must, so grab the speck of dust that is Sephora’s Burburry blush sample and sweep the color over whichever cheek people will see more today. There’s actually so little product in the sample they give you that you probably won’t see a difference when it’s applied. But hey, gorgeous – way to hack!


Lengthen Those Lashes

Oops! You’re actually only allowed three samples at a time, so unfortunately your lashes will have to remain short and stubby today. No sweat, you can just head to Sephora every day for the rest of your life to collect free samples to use the next morning! Yes, you goddess, finally a routine that works for you!


See? It’s easy to look gorgeously expensive on a budget! But in the end, it’s way easier to just shoplift all this stuff. Just make sure to get the full-sized products if you do that!