How to Get the Best Free Samples at Sephora by Robbing a Sephora

Shopping at Sephora isn’t cheap, so it’s important to take advantage of their generous freebies and makeup services by robbing the entire store. With an assertive mindset and these tried-and-true burglary techniques, you can get any free sample you want with minimal collateral damage! Here’s how:


Focus on one department.

If you’re running all over Sephora asking for free samples, your bargain hunting energy will be too scattered to make much of an impact. Instead, choose a specific area to focus on for your robbery, like fragrance or Make Up For Ever. Once you have an employee’s—AKA “cast member’s”—attention, say something like, “I’m working on finding a new fragrance, and I have a gun in my purse. Surrender ‘Candy Kiss by Prada’ ($38.00, limited edition) and no one gets hurt!” This will let them know what you’re after and provide clear direction so that it doesn’t have to turn messy.


Ask questions.

You’re more likely to be offered free samples if a cast member thinks you’re genuinely interested in the product you’re idly pointing your gun at. So come in with some thoughtful questions that subtly allude to trying the product over a longer period of time once you take these motherfuckers for everything they’ve got. Try asking how the product holds up at the end of the day while they empty the cash register into your plastic bag. Don’t forget the samples of Dior BB Crème ($44/oz)—that stuff is worth killing over!



Let them know if you have sensitive skin.

If you tell a cast member you have sensitive skin, they’ll totally understand when you take off with a whole bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19 ($55/oz). Explain that you just want to see if your skin will have a negative reaction in the privacy of your own home, and also you don’t feel like paying for it at any point, ever. Also, this is a stick up—everybody put your hands in the air!


Don’t forget the free makeup services!

Don’t forget, you can always ask a cast member to give you a complimentary makeover, even as you run out the door with thousands of dollars of product stuffed into a black garbage bag. Even when you’re wearing a ski mask to conceal your identity, a classic red lip or smoky eye is easy to apply and never goes out of style.


Sephora can be overwhelming, so stay focused and take advantage of all the glorious freebies they have to offer. Be sure to keep these tips in mind for your next felony-focused visit!