QUIZ: Is Your Life Together Enough For You to Rock a Messy Bun?

The messy bun is making a comeback! This playful style is like the spunky kid sister to the ballerina bun, and if you’re looking for a way to get your tresses off your neck in the muggy summer weather, you’ve probably thought about giving a messy bun a go. Not so fast! Messy buns may appear to be an easy low-maintenance look, but only someone who appears otherwise together, has what it takes to rock this sloppy ’do—the best-executed messy buns are actually perched atop a foundation of perfection. Take this handy quiz to see if your life is in order before you pull your tresses into this charmingly haphazard bun.


1. Which of the following best describes your bedroom?

A. A spotless sanctuary where one can escape the filthy disorder of the modern world.

B. There are piles of laundry everywhere, but it’s cool—you keep a path clear so you can get to the bed.

C. Animals have become trapped and died here.


2. Your job is:

A. Something practical and stable with full benefits, a 401K, and an in-office juice bar.

B. The worst and you’re totally going to quit once you figure out an exit strategy sometime in the next 1 to 5 years.

C. In the works, lol!


3. You go to the dentist:

A. At least once a month! Sure, it costs extra, but it’s really an investment in your future—think of all the money you could be saving on major dental procedures!

B. Once a year, which is like, normal right?

C. You for sure will as soon as you get insurance – promise!



4. What are your thoughts on brunch? 

A. Such a fun hosting opportunity! You love serving poached eggs on beds of micro-greens in your minimalist garden and swapping stories with your favorite ladies.

B. A nice way to spend a lazy afternoon while you try to get rid of your hangover in time to go out again.

C. Brunch! Noooo you missed brunch again this week! Ashley is going to be really pissed at you. Fuck.


5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Running a small bed and breakfast with your husband, your beautiful, multilingual child, and your very small dog.

B. Hopefully a little more settled than you are right now.

C. BRB, having a panic attack!


Mostly A’s

Whether you’re heading to Starbucks for a skim triple shot latte, The Container Store to buy a new set of adorable floral print drawer organizers, or to meet your bestie at Advanced Spin Class, a messy bun is the perfect accent to your painstakingly curated life.


Mostly B’s

You’re not a total disaster, but your life could definitely use some decluttering. Maybe get a keratin treatment before you try any fancy twisting and tucking.


Mostly C’s

No. You are too much of a mess for your hair to also be a mess. Tie that hair up tight, use hairspray, and don’t make any sudden head movements at least until you’ve paid rent this month.