Wow! Your Messy Friend Becca is a Life Coach Now

According to recent Facebook posts, your messiest friend, Becca O’Connors, is a life coach now.


O’Connors, who is known for consistently showing up to the wrong shift at work and leaving her phone on the subway not once, but three times, announced her career shift in a Facebook post earlier this week.


“I’m so incredibly thrilled to announce that I’m following my dreams and becoming a life coach,” the post said. “Life is a trickling stream through the forest of existence! I’m currently offering discounts on sessions so sign up by clicking this link. Post and share!”


She then linked to, a website which is not currently up and running. O’Connors says she will be purchasing the domain name when she gets paid on Friday if her paycheck is enough to cover the costs.


O’Connors has no formal training in mental health or psychology, but is a member of the group, Life Coach Lyfe on Facebook, which boasts over 20,000 members and which she calls “her amazing community.” According to her Instagram, she recently completed the book You Are a Badass, after purchasing it at the airport, and found it to be “life-changing and soul affirming.” O’Connors previously worked two-and-a-half days a week as a front desk receptionist at Equinox Gym. She will be leaving this position to pursue life coaching full-time.


Family and friends are stunned by the decision as no one had a clue she was pursuing this career until her 2 a.m. Facebook posting. The post only has 54 likes, but has quickly surpassed her current top post – a photo of her dancing on top of a bar wearing a tiara with the caption “Typical Tuesday.”


“I guess I’m happy for her,” says one friend. “But it’s a little…surprising? One time when we were studying abroad in Italy, she laid down in the middle of the street as a “funny joke” after leaving a DJ Tiesto concert and refused to get up.”


Thrilled to have made this decision, O’Connors – who once squatted and peed in the corner of a Panera – has already purchased business cards, telling us, “I’m so excited to help people who need help.”


Unfortunately, O’Connors’ phone died before she was able to finish speaking to us and had not gotten back to us at press time.



“I’m happy for her,” says Caitlin Pierce, her roommate. “But honestly, it took her 35 minutes to decide what to watch on Netflix last night. And that was after spending 40 minutes trying to remember her password.”


“She never even has a coat,” says Amy Matthews, a friend of O’Connors. “It’s like…it’s cold out, why are you wearing a denim jacket? I don’t think she even owns a real coat but she literally owns two denim jackets that say ‘Weekend Vibes’ on the back. Why?”


O’Connors is currently offering a trade for her services for “anyone who can fix my phone again lol.”