New York Woman Overcome With Emotion After Seeing Herself Dressed In Color For First Time

A heartwarming moment has hit the internet of a 30-year old woman seeing herself dressed in color for the very first time.


Kayla Morgan from the Upper West Side of Manhattan has dressed monochromatically her whole life. So for her 30th birthday, her family decided to pool together to purchase a floral printed Marc Jacob’s romper. The video of the emotional moment when Morgan first saw herself in the outfit has garnered 1.1 million views.


In the video, Ms. Morgan is surrounded by close family and friends in her apartment, opening the gift box. When she removed the garment from the box, she first appears confused. “I don’t know what it is,”,she laughed. As her family members told her to put it on, she timidly placed her legs covered by her well worn black joggers into the pink patterned short set.


Tears came to her eyes as she looked at herself in the mirror. “Is this real?” She asked. “What color is this?”


When her aunt told Kayla to look at the hibiscus pattern on the romper, her jaw dropped. “I actually look like I’m not dead inside,” commented Morgan.


“Kayla has been living her life dressed in various shades of black, grey, and navy, and occasionally maroon.” her mother said. “We wanted her to see what living with a more colorful aesthetic was like, to know what it’s like to walk through the world in full color.”


“Everything popped out at me,” Morgan replied. “My outfit was brighter and more colorful than I could have ever imagined. The color brought out my eyes, my skin, I was like a different person!”



In addition, Ms. Morgan was shocked by the neon running sneakers and matching running jacket her sister bought her, openly expressing joy for the first time in years by putting her hands over her mouth in disbelief.


“Wow,” Kayla exclaimed as she stared at her toes in the new pair of sneakers. “Just…wow.”


“Every day, we take so much for granted,” said Kayla’s sister. “By watching my color-challenged sister try on a variety of colored clothing, it made me so thankful for my own ability to pick out and wear brightly patterned tops.”


Of course, these clothes won’t stop Kayla from continuing to don heartless black ensembles. But it’s one step toward Kayla experiencing a world of color on a regular basis.