Wow! This Woman Is Reaching Out To All The Girls She Bullied In High School To Sell Them Skincare Products

Liz Davis was one of the most renowned bullies at Edison High. Now, years later, she’s turned a new leaf and is reaching out to all the girls she used to torment, asking them to buy skincare products and join her team.


Wow! Can you say “personal growth”?


While Davis admits that she wasn’t the nicest in high school, it looks like she’s genuinely changed for the better.


“I wasn’t super close with the girls in my class, but now that we’re all adults I hope they can look past our silly teenage misunderstandings and really invest in who they are now.”


“Liz used to pour expired milk on me every Tuesday, and the last thing she said to me was that I was a dumb virgin who would never find love,” said former classmate Amanda Taylor. “Then about a month ago, I started getting a bunch of Facebook messages from her inviting me to these Rodan + Fields virtual online parties she was hosting. She was messaging me four or five times a week. I hope she’s doing okay.”


It looks like the 28-year-old entrepreneur is definitely doing okay! She even leads a group of women, mentoring them in their own Rodan + Fields careers, including Tracy LaBlanc. Known as “Liz’s little bitch” in high school, she spent four years doing everything Davis told her to, and is excited to say that she’s doing the same today.


“Everything is totally different now that Liz is my team leader,” says Tracy. “She really pushes me to hit all of my sales targets. I’m actually a little afraid of what will happen if I don’t, haha!”



“We weren’t friends,” said Allison Carnegie, who was a year below Davis. “She told the whole school I was permanently on my period. I had kind of blocked her out until about a week ago. I kept on getting a bunch of desperate Facebook messages from her, begging me to buy a $50 moisturizer so she could get a free trip to Italy. I finally had to block her.”


Um, can you say #girlboss?


“My female friendships are so important to me. Plus, most of my high school friends have problem skin, and now that we’re adults I can point that out to them in a positive way. That’s what friends are for, right?”


What a beautiful example of self-work and Girl Power! Keep slaying, Liz!