Wow! This Woman Is Definitely Projecting Her Own Therapy Diagnoses Onto Her Cat

In spite of her cat exhibiting fairly standard cat behavior, it is clear that 31-year-old Beth Engel is projecting her own recent therapy diagnoses onto her cat.


“Mittens is slightly OCD and has a severe anxiety disorder,” the Manhattanite insisted about the tabby, as he lay motionless on the arm of a couch nearby.


“When her brother Daemon moved out with my ex, she felt lost and alone,” adds Engel. “Now Daemon’s living in a brownstone and she’s still stuck in this dark studio apartment wondering what to do with her life.”


So far, Beth and her companion share a 100% match rate in their mental health status, including “trust issues” and “unpredictable depressive spirals.”


When asked about the amazing coincidence that Mittens’ symptoms exactly mirror Engel’s own diagnosis, she says: “It’s why I’m such a good cat mom for her. I completely understand the mental health journey she’s on right now. Plus, I’ll always support her life decisions, unlike her birth mom who left her in an abandoned lot.”


Engel has also considered purchasing an essential oil diffuser, bath bombs, and lavender candles to help Mittens unwind after a long, hard day. When asked if a bath is something a cat would enjoy, Engel stared off into space for a while and eventually mumbled: “She’s just doing the best she can.”


Other self-care plans for mom and cat include watching the latest season of Stranger Things, finally checking out Godless, ordering Thai on Seamless (Mittens loves rice noodles!), and just generally treating each other with the care and respect they deserve.


“2017 was a bitch of a year,” Engel says. “We’re both processing it in our own identical ways.”



Engel also has words of comfort for other pet owners out there who find they too share a diagnosis: “You’re never alone when you have a little buddy who is also pulling out her own hair due to anxiety.”


For those concerned about Mittens’ health, Engel says there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


“Mittens has shed a lot of negative forces in her life and has decided to surround herself with optimistic, supportive people. I think 2018 is going to be her year.”