How to Tell if Your Cat is an Indigo Cat

You may have already heard of Indigo Children, special children who are uniquely in-touch with the spiritual side of life. These beautiful beings are old souls, newly incarnated as creative children. Many of these children possess incredible intuition and psychic powers. They have come to earth to spread love and happiness on our planet.


But do you know about Indigo Cats? Just as children have recently been coming into this world with special spiritual gifts, some cats possess these same qualities. And just like Indigo Children, Indigo Cats need special care and attention. Read on for tips on how to identify and care for your Indigo Cat!


Don’t interpret their unique needs as a bad thing.

The first thing that you should know about Indigo Cats is that they may seem to be acting out, when they’re actually just so in touch with their own needs that they will do anything to fulfill them. Does your cat have very little regard for authority? Does she claw your furniture, shredding your sofa into an unrecognizable mess in spite of the fact that it cost as much as a month’s rent? Does she seem to be laughing at the futility of your actions when you try to discipline her? You may have an Indigo Cat on your hands. Don’t even bother to try and correct her behavior: your cat is just so skilled at self-care that she requires no intervention from you to “train” or teach her. Instead of being angry, try following her example!


Allow them to retain their self-esteem.

Indigo Cats also have a very high sense of self-worth. If your Indigo Cat climbs on the furniture, jumps on the counter, or sneaks into the bedroom even when he’s not allowed to do those things, it’s not because he’s difficult: it’s because he understands that “property” and “rules” are concepts that don’t exist in the spiritual realm. A cat who has no regard for personal property, and who, for example, breaks your ex-fiancé’s mother’s urn, is almost definitely an Indigo Cat. He understands that trying to hold onto a spirit after they are released from this world is an exercise in futility, for they are always with us.



Let them have their alone time.

Finally, Indigo Cats can seem unsocial to people who are not very spiritually evolved. But it is because they are so highly sensitive to the feelings of those around them that they need to isolate and recharge. If your cat ignores you at will and only seems to be your friend at dinnertime, it may be because you’re giving off more negative energy or emotions than your cat can handle. Your simple, unspiritual, unintuitive existence may make your Indigo Cat feel isolated and misunderstood. If your Indigo Cat needs to ignore you and retreat within sometimes, especially when you’re crying softly and begging her to snuggle with you, don’t try to force your cat to interact! Instead, work on developing yourself as a spiritual being. Both you and your Indigo Cat will be better off for it.


So, if you have a cat that claws your furniture, flouts the rules, and ignores you whenever it wants, don’t despair! Instead, be grateful that you are the proud owner of a uniquely spiritual and intuitive being. Be glad for the special gifts that your Indigo Cat brings into your less spiritually evolved way of life. Nurture your cat’s gifts by letting your cat lead the way and do whatever it wants. Maybe you’ll learn something!