Foolproof Cat Eye Looks to Appear Less Afraid of Living

Cats are sensual, mysterious, and seductive — traits that most of us gals would love to possess. Unfortunately we can barely leave the house without being overcome by our crippling neuroses. However, there is help. A bold cat eye can help you give off the illusion of being a confident individual who is able to cope with their surroundings.


The Tabby

This domestic crooner is a chill ass type of feline, made famous by the elusive Garfield. He’s relaxed, he’s always ready to get down on a trough of lasagna, and he won’t let anybody break his stride. For The Tabby look, take your eye liner, close your eyes, and imagine you are a male cat who knows who he is and loves it. Begin to line your lids very casually, as if to say, “yeah, I’m doin’ this, but I don’t give a rip either way.” It’s totally fine for the liner to be uneven and hideously sloppy, because you don’t care. You know you look good. Or you are trying to look like you do.




The Siamese

The Siamese cat is a intimidating femme fatale with a Type A personality. She knows what she wants, and she knows she’s going to get it. To achieve The Siamese, look in the mirror and envision Michelle Pfeiffer in her infamous Cat Woman suit. Pick up your eyeliner, and draw a thick straight line from the inner corner of your eye outwards, halfway towards your ear. Or you know what? Just go all the fuck the way to that ear. Do the same on the other eye. Try to steady your hand by imagining that you think you are attractive.



The British Shorthair

This purebred puss has a chunky body, plush coat, and a broad face that just won’t quit. And also, a British accent! Despite being chunky, this cat gives zero fucks when it comes to doing her thing. And neither will you after you take your liner, think about Amy Winehouse, or Adele even, and just load it on, owning your bold individuality. Rock it like someone who isn’t terrified of everything.

Now take your cat eyes and get out there! Remember, you are only one feigned meow away from living the life you want.