4 Fancy Cocktails That Betsy DeVos Sent Back to the Bar

Billionaire Betsy DeVos isn’t just a rich lady who dabbles in revamping our education system at the expense of the masses—she’s also a rich lady who’s very particular about her drinks! When dining at the club or on her $40 million yacht, Betsy has been known to send up to five drinks back to the bar a night when she’s feeling unsatisfied by her lavish lifestyle. Here are the fanciest cocktails that she returned last night because she just didn’t like them.


A Dirty Martini

A dirty martini always “gets the job done,” as Betsy says—except for this one, which was just a little too dirty for her taste. She’s been harassing her personal event bartender about the level of dirtiness for years. “I keep asking Mrs. DeVos how it is she likes it but she always says I should know what I’m doing for the amount she’s paying me,” says Orlando, whose children are forced to attend one of several underperforming Detroit charter schools, thanks to Betsy DeVos.


A Manhattan

Everyone loves a good Manhattan, except for Betsy DeVos who prefers to order it, and then remind the waiter that there’s supposed to be an orange peel. When servers quietly probe that she might be thinking of an Old Fashioned, she threatens to withhold tip and mutters, “This is why we should just stay home,” referring to the 22,000-square-foot castle-like mansion where she homeschooled two of her children despite ample access to the best public and private schools in the country.



An Old Fashioned

Similar to the Manhattan, DeVos will order this drink and become confused as to why it has an orange slice in it, asking, “What’s this junk doing in here? I ordered and Old Fashioned. He probably made the wrong one on purpose so I’d send it back and he could drink the booze I paid for.” Betsy has never made a drink herself, but has many opinions on how they should be made, similar to the way she has never worked in education, yet she and her family have spent $5.6 million in an attempt to amend Michigan’s constitution to allow school vouchers.


Macallan 55-Year-Old Lalique

This Scotch costs upwards of $12k a bottle, and even though the waiter insists it was exactly what she specifically asked for—“the Macallan 55-Year-Old Lalique neat”— she’ll send this one back just because she can. Sometimes she’ll turn to a friend and whisper, “I just love to have fun with them sometimes, don’t you?” Betsy believes she doesn’t owe people in the service industry respect, because she doesn’t owe anyone anything. And she certainly doesn’t think we owe disabled children a right to a public education when it might cost taxpayers dollars.


When you’re Betsy DeVos you can do whatever you want, whether it’s sending back drinks or propping up the billion-dollar charter school industry. It’s all in a day’s corrupt, selfish work!