4 Potted Plants to Take Care of Instead of Your Own Body

If you’ve been feeling down lately, it’s important to practice self-care whenever you can. But since you can’t bring yourself to actually do that, try taking care of a potted plant instead! Here are some low-maintenance indoor plant options to take good care of since you’re not going to be taking care of your body any time soon.


Spider Plant

A spider plant’s long, thin, spidery leaves bring a pop of wild energy to any space! Tend to this plant carefully, as you would your own body, if you were the kind of person that remembered to drink water or be careful about anything you do to your body, which you are not. But you can take care of this plant as if it were something that you really valued and wanted to not only survive, but thrive!


Bonsai Tree

That’s right, there’s a whole tree that you can keep indoors and take care of! Bonsai trees require a lot of work, so do not take care of it the same way you take care of your body, like shove food into the pot and only give it the water from the melted ice in its whiskey. You can watch yourself slowly rot away, but you’ll be sad if you do the same to the poor innocent plant, so make sure to carefully prune its leaves and keep it away from the radiator that’s been drying out your sinuses. Maybe buy a humidifier (for the tree)?


Aloe Plant

An aloe plant is a fantastic choice if you want to purify the air in your home. Pick one up today, put it in a corner, and take very good and cautious care of it. Aloe can also be a de-stressor, which is great because it is absolutely the only positive thing you will do for your body this month.




Nothing’s lower maintenance than a good succulent—except your body. But your body is only low maintenance because you gave up maintaining it long ago. They always say, “Love your body as it is,” but maybe they shouldn’t say that anymore. Because you always end up eating cheeseburgers and crying to your plants. The tears are actually doing wonders for your plants though!


So next time you’re considering sitting on the couch and slowly wasting away, go out and get a plant. Bring it home and put it next to the couch so you don’t have to be alone while you rot and it flourishes. Yes, life!