4 Energy-Filled Breakfasts to Power You Through a Day of Putting Off Writing

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Not only does it get your metabolism going, it also gives you the stamina you need to get through even the most hectic day of not writing. Avoid both hunger and productivity with these four energy-filled breakfasts to power you through a full 24 hours of putting off that writing assignment.


Spinach and Mushroom Sunny Side Up Eggs

This combo gives your body the high-octane fuel it needs to hustle through an entire day of not writing a single word in the face of an impending deadline. After eating a protein-filled egg, you’ll feel extreme amounts of energy as you lounge around your apartment, alternating between refreshing your own Twitter feed and watching reruns of Hart of Dixie. Often called “nature’s appetite suppressant,” a delicious egg will also keep you full until lunch, freeing up even more time for you to waste until the last possible second. Yum!


Yogurt With Blueberries and Cinnamon

If you have a sweet tooth and no ability to manage your own time, you need this breakfast! The probiotics in the yogurt and antioxidants in the blueberries will leave you feeling energized enough to complete a series of random chores in a last-ditch attempt to not open a new Word document. Just one spoonful of this treat and you’ll be doing your laundry for the first time in months, calling your mom, and even cleaning out your fridge before you type a single word! The one thing you will do when your panic finally reaches the perfect crescendo for you to type your name, and only your name. That’s the benefit of a good morning meal!


Peanut Butter With Bananas

The protein in peanut butter provides a long-lasting form of metabolic intensity to power blast you through an evening of opening hundreds of tabs, but not the one with a Google Doc called “Work.” Also, the natural sweetness in bananas gives you even more energy than candy. So you’ll have a ton of mileage to burn as you put off writing hour after hour. A little known fact about procrastination is that it can be exhausting, so try eating several servings of bananas to ensure you make it through the entire day ineffectively, yet somehow still stressed. Maybe put raisins on the bananas, too!



Avocado Toast With Crushed Red Chili Pepper

Avocado gives your body healthy fats to boost your metabolism, so you’ll have even more strength to eat more toast instead of writing your essay. Then the little bit of spice will help keep your cravings at bay until dinnertime, at which point you can just begin making dinner instead of writing. Pro tip: This combination is also great as an early-morning, mid-morning or lunchtime snack. Basically any time of day you could—and should—be writing. It’s almost like the entire agricultural revolution happened so farmers could put off writing. Whoa!


Try one of these energy-filled breakfasts next time you need to push through a busy day of not being motivated at all. They’ll help you fight fatigue as you struggle to remain hopeful that one day, far off in the future, you’ll write the first sentence of a paper and then give up forever.