Trend Alert: Visible Bra Lines Because You Keep Putting Them In The Dryer

It’s the spring of 2017, and everyone is wearing denim button-ups, flirty florals, and bras that have been through the dry cycle a whole lot. Luckily for all you ladies out there who think about air-drying your bra and then go “nah,” visible bra lines are on-trend and all the rage! Here are the reasons why the visible outline of your shitty bras are finally back in style!


It says, “I am a busy lady.”

An old bra is like a Starbucks coffee; it tells people you have too much on your plate to worry about things like “clothing maintenance” or “quality of life.” Care warnings? P’shaw! You have important briefs to read. A “drying rack”? Please! You have a Hulu subscription you can’t figure out how to cancel!!


Maybe it’s sexy!

With a lot of outfits, your bra is more of a behind-the-scenes thing. But when you’re on the cutting edge of 2017’s hottest trend, everyone can look at you and be like, “She is wearing a bra, that is it, I see it. There, under her too-small Forever 21 turtleneck.” Since bras hold boobs, the visible bra outline look is totally sexy. I mean, right? Let’s just go with that.


It is feminist.

Are you ashamed of having a bra? Are you embarrassed that you don’t hand wash your bra? No way — it’s 2017, baby! You are a feminist, and you do whatever you want, including ruining a $40 undergarment you bought two weeks ago by simply refusing to take it out of the wash and hang it on a doorknob. Who knew empowerment could be this easy? And TRENDY!



You can play around with it.

While you might love that fresh-off-the-runway look of a professionally destroyed bra, you can also make the style totally your own! Tone the look down a bit by only throwing your bra in the dryer when you’re not “super swamped at work.” Or amp up your look a couple notches by wearing a shitty bra you’ve owned for literal decades where the wire is poking out into your skin. That’s just good fashion!!


As you can see, there’s a lot of potential in 2017’s hottest trend, especially for all you barely functional ladies out there. Hey, at least you’re washing them at all!