Why You Shouldn’t Accept His Apology Unless He’s 6’3”

If you have a man in your life, chances are he’s absolutely gonna do something dumb and want to apologize for it. And while you should appreciate the effort a dude makes to address their shitty behavior, sometimes an apology is not enough. Here’s a handy explainer as to why you shouldn’t accept his apology, no matter how sincere, if he’s even milimeter under 6’3”.


He Needs To Prove To You That He Understands What He Did Wrong

Don’t give in to his sorry apology unless he’s shown that he really understands and cares about why you’re upset in the first place. Has he done this before? Does he really understand how he hurt you? If not, don’t give in. Unless, of course, he’s a big burly 6’5” guy with a strong jawline. Then you should just be glad to wrap your arms around his tall shoulders and say, “Just don’t do it again.”.


He Should Learn How To Properly Communicate

He needs to make sure he communicates effectively with you, and not just message you with quick apologies. Don’t accept his apology he texted you after posting six different stories of playing beer pong with his bros and not responding to you for a week straight. Practice self-respect and stop talking to him until he learns to communicate properly. Wait, is he as tall as a weeping Serbian spruce tree? If your answer is yes, forgive him immediately. You should feel grateful to be holding hands with this towering 6’3” hunk. Forget about what he did and relish in how mysterious and cool it is to walk with a person whose head is in a different layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. Isn’t that so hot? What were we talking about?


He Needs To Understand Your Worth

There’s no reason to accept an apology from a man who doesn’t understand how much you’re worth. Remember when he forgot your birthday? And when he finally realized and showed up to your party he spent forty minutes explaining his unofficial rankings for all the National Lampoon movies in front of your friends? He then apologized with the same “I’m Sorry” teddy bear GIF he used when he showed up to your family’s house and thanked your father for inviting him to “Bangsgiving”. Hold yourself to a higher standard and say no to this guy. You don’t need to accept his apology! Unless of course he’s a giant hulky 6’3”. That’s six entire feet and three inches, baby! Don’t you wanna just climb him like a firehouse ladder? You should be thankful to be with someone the size of a baby giraffe!


Seems like it’s time to respect your time, energy, and the well-being of your mental health, huh? You totally can, girl! But if he’s 6’3”… don’t risk losing your tall king just because he’s garbage. He’s nearly the same height as a saltwater crocodile on its hind legs. What a stud…