How To Make a Man Fall In Love With You By Saying, ‘I’ve Got a Good Hole!’

Every woman knows men can be scared to open up and let themselves fall in love, but with the right approach, those fears will subside. Trust in your self-worth and let him know that you have a hole, and that it is a good one. Here’s how to guarantee he will fall head over heels with you by saying, “Hey! I’ve got a pretty good hole down there!”


Make Eye Contact

Whenever you’re talking to the guy you like, make sure you stare into his eyes in order to deepen your connection with him. It can be vulnerable to show yourself in that way, but it will pay off because he will feel safe. So smile, maintain that silent romantic eye contact and then after a few moments whisper, “My hole…it’s a good hole.” He won’t know what to say. Go you!


Point Out Similarities

It is important for your crush to feel connected to you, so discuss something you both like or dislike. Are you both from Colorado? Do you both hate live dance shows? If you’re both passionate about a topic, you’ll be able to bond over it. If you can’t think of anything to discuss, just ask, “Are you into very good and wet holes?” Chances are, he is. Look at you go, ya holey bitch!


Laugh At His Jokes

When he cracks a joke, make sure you show him how much you appreciate it by laughing. It will make him feel confident and sexy, and he’ll want to hang out with you to feel that way again. Next time he says something funny, just respond with, “My hole is laughing so much! My hole is so good and can seriously vibe!” He’ll find love in your holey place!



Be Patient

Seducing a man takes time, so don’t be upset if he doesn’t immediately commit to you. However, if you are impatient and do want him to drop everything he’s doing to love you forever, just point at your hole and scream, “HERE’S AN EXCELLENT HOLE!” It’s your hole, and he’s just living in it!


Ask For His Help

Ask him over to help fix your hole. He’ll ask what’s wrong with it, and then you’ll say the truth: “Nothing. My hole is perfect. You’ll see.”


Here are some surefire ways to make a man fall desperately in love with you that are all saying, “I’ve got a premium hole”. And if he doesn’t respond enthusiastically, he was never a guy you should be letting near your hole to begin with. Bad boy! Good hole!