How to Attract a Bad Boy, You Know, The Kind of Guy Who Sucks at Everything

Ladies, we all know it’s impossible to say no to a bad boy. And by ‘bad boy’, we mean the kind of guy who fails at everything and isn’t even that cute. Here’s how to get your hands on a hunky bad boy, you know, the type of guy who sucks at literally everything he does.


Get Him to Notice You

In order to attract that bad boy in leather at your office, make eye contact with him, then break it. Bad boys love the chase and don’t want locking it down with you to be easy. He’ll furrow his brow, but don’t blame his confusion on your sexy eye flirting. He’s confused because he forgot his work computer password and has been trying to log in for the past thirty minutes. Plus, he’s not even good looking. Wow, he really does suck on every level. Classic bad boy!


Be Confident

Confidence is key when you’re attracting someone free-spirited. Next time your bad boy is revving up his motorcycle, walk by him in your favorite trousers and confidently say, “Hey there, bad boy.” He’ll drive off and get a few feet from the curb before losing balance and sliding off the side of his bike. He got a motorcycle just to impress women, which is extremely dumb, yet somehow hot to you. This guy is bad to the bone, and his face is bad too. But boys will be boys! And this boy is really bad at life!


Play It Cool

When you run into that bad boy you’ve been dreaming about at your gym, be chill. Don’t take your earbuds out to have a conversation with him like you usually do because this will only bring him bodily harm. He’ll try to impress you by lifting heavier weights than usual, and he’ll probably pull a muscle. Wow, what a lame attempt at shoving his masculinity down your throat. And muscles don’t even look good on him. He’s honestly very bad!



Don’t Expect Him to Change

As women, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we can change a bad boy into a good boy. Sure, you could just not date a bad boy and avoid all this, but you need a challenge. But guess what? A bad boy will never floss, so even if you do get to kiss him, it will be disgusting. Yummy yummy bad boy!


With these tips, you’ll be able to attract a very bad boy, you know, the kind of guy that really doesn’t get how to live his life. And if you’re sitting there saying, “I’m only into good guys,” joke’s on you, because most of them are just bad boys in disguise! Give it up for boys!