Yes, Bitch! This Woman Will Just FaceTime Anywhere  

Demonstrating an enviable disregard for the implicit rules of public space, Manhattan resident Nora Clark will just FaceTime absolutely anywhere.


Whether Nora is commuting on a busy train, walking down a bustling street, or just grabbing a coffee, she’ll happily catch up with a friend over FaceTime in the process, and her unique practice has not gone unnoticed.


“I was sitting next to Nora on the subway the first time I ever saw her just full-commitment FaceTiming in public,” said Rory Eshraghi, a fellow commuter. “The woman she was FaceTiming seemed to be in the privacy of her own home and that contrast between the communicating parties was really striking.”


“At first I felt like I was being dragged into a sort of unwitting voyeurism, since the person she was FaceTiming was literally lying in bed,” continued Rory. “But they both seemed really confident in the situation, so all the more power to them I guess.”


While taking advantage of a train ride to talk with and look at the face of a friend is impressive in and of itself, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for maverick communicator Nora.


“Nora is a FaceTimer through and through,” said close friend Rebecca Hawthorn. “It’s the only way she contacts me. Last week she FaceTimed me and when I answered she was walking down the street in a rainstorm, umbrella in one hand, phone in the other, giving me nothing but under-chin angles. I don’t know why she wouldn’t just call me, but it was definitely brave.”


Wow, it’s clear that for this front-cam queen, FaceTiming isn’t just a means of communication, but rather a way of life.


“Sometimes Nora will FaceTime me with seemingly nothing to say,” said Nora’s boyfriend Marcus Graye. “She’ll FaceTime me while she’s getting ready in the morning, while she’s peeing, anything. It’s kind of like we’re just hanging out.”


Though Nora enjoys the tepid support of her loved ones. But like any nonconformist, she has her critics.


“As far as I’m concerned, FaceTiming is for sads in long distance relationships, and should be done at home,” said one hater. “If she needs to talk to someone, she can send a text.”



But this bold woman isn’t letting her haters get her down.


“I like FaceTiming,” said Nora. “I like seeing my friends’ faces, and I like my friends to see my face. I am facially expressive, I am hurting no one, and I will never stop. Especially on the subway.”


Yes, bitch!