Wow! This Woman Turned from ‘Beautiful’ to ‘Fat Bitch’ Simply by Rejecting a Man

In an incredible turn of events, 22-year-old college student Sayre Herndon went from being called “unbelievably beautiful” to “a fat bitch with no life” in a mere two minutes after rejecting a guy who asked her out on a date.


We’re astounded by this woman’s incredible transformation in the eyes of this random guy!


Pete Savor, Sayre’s classmate, had first complimented her via Instagram direct message to ask her to hang out. The message read: “Hey Sayre. I’ve noticed you in our Cultural Resource Management class. You’re unbelievably beautiful. Your eyes are actually stunning. Do you wanna get coffee sometime?”


After a polite rejection, Peter sent her the following message: “Ha. Okay. Understood. I was saying that stuff before to be nice. I’d never really want to date you. Everyone calls you a fat bitch and I agree.”


We simply had no idea someone’s opinion of someone’s looks could change so quickly!


Sayre is confident she dodged a bullet with this one.


“If I wasn’t sure I didn’t want to date him before, now I am 100% sure,” she says. “Also, I blasted a screenshot of this to my sorority so everyone knows to avoid this guy. He seems pretty dangerous.”


Still, Pete feels like he had every right to change his views so quickly after learning she did not want to date him.



“I never actually wanted to date her,” he says. “Really. Like, she’s not my type. At all. I’ve only ever dated models before so this was like, kinda a pity invitation honestly.”


We stan for men who have no ability to live in their own vulnerability for even a moment!


“I don’t know why women aren’t into me,” continues Pete. “Women are fucking crazy.”