Creative! This Man Invented an Impossible Hypothetical Situation to Make a Racist Point  

When you’re discussing something controversial like race politics, it’s important to make sure your statements are carefully thought-out and deeply rooted in reality. Unless you’re Kevin Dillard: This amazingly creative man managed to invent several impossible hypothetical situations, just to make a very racist point!


“Imagine if there was a White Entertainment Network, or a website called,” Kevin said, ignoring that whiteness is the norm for the vast majority of both television content and dating websites, so there would never be a need to create either entity. “It’s a double standard.”


“Like, if a Black police officer ever pulled me over just because I was driving while white, I would just be respectful. If Black people followed the laws and obeyed police officers’ orders, they’d have no trouble,” said Kevin, who in real life has never been pulled over because of his skin color although numerous black people who have been brutalized by law enforcement despite their cooperation certainly have.


We’re simply amazed at the pure creativity that Kevin has had to muster up in order to reach these hackneyed, racist conclusions!


Kevin’s fellow conversationalists are unimpressed.


“He’s really reaching with everything he’s saying,” said Rita Herman. “I wish he’d just admit that either he hasn’t done enough thinking or research to speak confidently about this kind of thing, or that he’s just a lowkey racist.”


“If you have to make up a scenario that would never, ever happen in real life or one where reversing the roles completely ignores the power structures at play, then your argument is flawed,” added Gregory Li. “Kevin really thinks he’s being a voice of reason, but he’s actually just being a bigot.”


But Kevin thinks he’s really onto something.


“What if colleges created a policy that said that Black people would have less of a chance to get in than white people?” he said, taking truly explicit care to avoid recognizing that colleges had been doing just that for decades and also unintentionally revealing that he assumes that white students inherently deserve those spots. “That would be racist of them, but that’s exactly what Affirmative Action is doing to white people!”


Keep up the incredibly bad work, Kevin!