Inspiring! This Woman Saved $250K Just By Switching To Dollar Oysters

In an incredible feat of self-restraint, 38-year-old Vivian Bornstein decided to cut back on her extremely fancy and expensive habit of paying for oysters at full price, after realizing she was spending over $687,500 on oysters annually. Now, she exclusively eats dollar oysters, which has cut back her oyster spending a whopping $250,000.

“I never really realized how much of my hard-earned money was going toward my many oyster meals,” says Bornstein. “But once I sat down with my financial planner I realized if I didn’t change something now, I would never be able to retire, or afford payments on my house. Or, worst of all, afford my favorite dinner which is over a dozen oysters at $2.75 apiece.”


After doing some research, Bornstein was able to locate various spots near her house that served dollar oysters during certain hours, which has allowed her to continue eating oysters, but at a much lower price point.


“I am so proud of myself for making this life change,” says Bornstein. “Sometimes I catch myself ordering double as many oysters because of the amazing price and having to remind myself why I switched to dollar oysters in the first place.”


“It’s been a long hard journey where I ultimately have not had to give up oysters at all,” says Bornstein. “But I’m glad I’m doing it. I’m stronger than I ever knew I was.”


Still, Bornstein admits being frugal comes with challenges.


“I’ve had to make sure to plan my meals according to when happy hours are happening,” says Bornstein. “But all that work adds up. For example, last week I saved $5,000.”



“My family knows how much I love oysters,” she adds. “But when my husband realized how much we were now saving annually, he kept asking me whether it would be possible for me to have oysters three or four times a week, instead of thirteen.”


“There was strain there,” admits Bornstein. “But now he understands that even though we had to give up one car and private school for Ethan, I did make sacrifices for the family.”


Hell yeah, girl! Keep slurping those budget mollusks!