Inspiring! This Woman is Saving All the ‘Good Bags’

31-year old Danica Williams has always been into saving, recycling and making all around eco-friendly choices. But if you can believe it, this mother-nature loving woman is also making it her mission to save all the “good” bags she gets from stores, so she can use them again later.


Great work, Danica!


“Some shopping bags are obviously just super flimsy,” says Danica. “But a lot of places will give you a bag that’s actually pretty high quality. So I’ll save it so that the next time I go to another store I can use the good bag and not the flimsy ones and maybe people at the other store will realize their bags should be better, too.”


Danica was also proud to share that she gave her coworker a gift in a bag she received in 2008.


“She really had no idea,” Danica said, refolding and storing a pile of very good bags.


Just think what Danica is doing for the environment by keeping every sturdy shopping bag, high-end gift bag, and plastic Lululemon tote she’s ever received stuffed into one big bag in the back of her sink cabinet.


Danica’s live-in boyfriend has been slower to adopt such a staunch recycling practice.


“She just has this gigantic bag full of other bags,” he says. “She never uses them but whenever I ask if I can throw them away she’s like ‘No, those are the good bags.’ I don’t understand.”



Danica’s generosity towards our sweet Mother Gaia also extends to cute paper gift bags, which she saves in a different, but harder to reach cabinet.


“When someone gives me a gift I’ll usually save the cute gift bag so I can use it the next time I give someone a present,” she tells us. “The thing is I don’t really give a lot of gifts and when I do, I always forget I’ve save these bags. At least they’re not in a landfill somewhere!”


Thanks Danica for all you do!