Success! Woman Truly Surprised by Surprise Party She Explicitly Didn’t Want

Melissa Horwitz never wanted a surprise birthday party. In fact, she earnestly begged her friends not to throw her one – which makes it all the more amazing that they got together, ignored her plea and threw her one anyway!


Just last week, Horwitz was genuinely shocked by the surprise birthday party she explicitly asked her friends to not throw for her. Horwitz, who turned 29 last Wednesday, claims she truly did not see the birthday bash coming.


“I was definitely surprised,” Melissa said. “They did a really good of hiding it, so I didn’t see it coming. I also explicitly told each and every one of my friends that under no circumstances did I want a surprise party so, yeah, I also had a minor panic attack.”


Melissa’s closest friend, and head party planner, Georgia Arrington, confirmed that Melissa told her in a polite but firm tone to please not throw a surprise party.


“When Melissa told me that she’d been dealing with acute social anxiety and wanted to keep things low-key for her 29th, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to really surprise her,” said Georgia. “She was so surprised that she almost started crying!”


“I started crying as soon as I walked in,” confirmed Horwitz. “I was so upset. It was my worst nightmare come to life.”


Sounds like this was a birthday celebration Melissa won’t soon forget.


Melissa’s pals pulled out all the stops by throwing the party on her actual birthday rather than the more obvious weekend before or after choice.



“Yep,” confirmed Melissa. “There were people in my apartment until 2am on a weeknight. It was a lot.”


Now that’s a bumping party!


Melissa’s besties also made sure it was a full house by inviting her extended family, all her exes, and her coworkers whom she’s never really spoken to beyond office small talk! So fun!!