I’m Not Just a Pretty Face – I’m Also Ugly Feet

Whenever I’m in a professional setting, it always seems like people judge me on how good looking I am before anything else, which might seem nice at first, but it’s honestly a curse. I have so much more to offer than just a beautiful face — I have really ugly, nasty feet too.


It seems like no one ever recognizes that I have a PhD in finance, or that I have a thriving Etsy store, or that all my toes are severely crooked and the soles of my feet are flatter than a cutting board, and I’m sick of it! At this point, it seems like people try to demean me by commenting on my appearance before anything else, which is totally inexcusable, especially because my fucked-up feet are right there.


There is so much more to me than the fact that I’m pretty, and I’m fed up with only being appreciated for such a shallow thing that women have been reduced to for millennia. I also have feet that are horrifying to anyone who sees them, and I’m tired of people ignoring them time and time again.



Women shouldn’t just be reduced to how their face looks, but this is how I’ve been treated since I can remember. I have to work twice as hard just to be perceived as someone who has redeeming qualities other than just being pretty, and that includes taking my shoes and socks off as much as possible so people can see just how gnarly my feet are, which is really exhausting work.


Not only have I experienced this happening in the professional world, but this obviously happens in my romantic relationships as well. I’ve had an extremely difficult time trying to find someone to date who can look past my perfect face and see me for my other attributes, like my sense of humor, or my loyalty, or the fact that my podiatrist said my feet are the most fucked up she’s ever seen in her entire career; there’s nothing medically wrong with them, which according to her is “almost the scariest part”.


So, before you call a woman pretty, you should take a second to think about what else you could comment on. Maybe she has a really quick wit, or great sense of style, or truly disgusting feet that are unique in their own way. I can guarantee you that she’ll appreciate this way more than a simple remark about her face, and she’ll thank you for noticing how downright vile her feet truly are.