Wow! This Woman Worked Out During Her Good Hair Day

Most ordinary people don’t look their best while they’re at the gym. And if they do look their best, the last thing they’d want to do is get all sweaty and gross. But Angela McDougall isn’t ordinary: This young woman recently worked out during her good hair day!


Wow, we’re amazed that she chose to exercise despite her hair looking good for once!


“Normally, my hair looks like shit when I go to the gym,” said Angela. “But I had gotten a blowout the day before and the next day just happened to be leg day. It was totally a coincidence.”


Angela, who works out six days a week and normally has the hair texture to prove it, made the decision to exercise on a day when her hair looks fabulous for the sake of consistency.


“I’m pretty strict with my schedule when it comes to working out,” she explained. “I can’t skip a day and deal with all that lactic acid backup just because my hair was voluminous and shiny and looked amazing.”


Um, yes you can! We would have!


Angela’s fellow gym goers were confused by her bold follicular decision.


“I don’t understand why she’d come to a class on a day when her hair looks so flawless,” said Kara Dilner, Angela’s spin instructor. “Seems like a waste of a good hair day, because she’s gonna look like a sweaty supermodel rat when we’re done. More power to her, I guess.”


“I would never intentionally choose to work out if my hair looked as good as hers does today,” added Meredith Yi, another member at Angel’s gym. “Couldn’t she just have, like, skipped a few days to take advantage of that killer blowout? I don’t get it. I respect it, but I don’t get it.”



But Angela stands by her decision, even though it did ruin her immaculate hairstyle.


“I’m dedicated to my personal fitness,” said Angela. “And if that means I have to work out on a day when my hair is not only bouncing but also behaving, then so be it. I don’t think I’m in the wrong for valuing exercise over temporarily amazing hair.”


We respectfully disagree, Angela, but ok!