Wow! This Woman Who’s Never Done Yoga Signed Up For Yoga Teacher Training

In an act of unearned confidence, 26-year-old Alina Chandley signed up for yoga teacher training despite the fact that she has actually never taken a yoga class before.


We’re amazed that someone could make such a long-term and expensive commitment to something they don’t understand at all!


“I’ve just been feeling like there’s a lack of direction in my life right now, so I thought, why not sign up to become a yoga teacher?” says Alina. “Once I do the training, then my whole vibe will be that I’m a yoga teacher. I think that’s worth $3000 alone.”


Alina decided to sign up for training after seeing a photo of her yogi friend Trish who finally entered teacher training after five years of practice, Alina concluded that she should start doing her teacher training as well, even though she’s never stepped foot in a yoga studio and still isn’t exactly sure what “downward dog” means.


Wow, Alina! Your future students are going to love you!


Alina’s friends didn’t quite see things the same way:


“It would be different if she’d been practicing yoga even a little bit,” says friend Daria Gabin. “but she just asked me what child’s pose is and honestly she still doesn’t really get it..”


But Alina stands by her decision, even though it is definitely not going to work out the way she wants it to.


“I understand people are resistant to me following my dreams,” says Alina. “But I know that soon I’ll try yoga and probably love it.”


The yoga studio that offers the training stands by Alina’s amazing decision.


“We support anyone who wants to further their yoga practice,” said yogi Carlos Figuroa. “Honestly, we really don’t care as long as they can pay $3000.”


“I can’t wait to understand what feeling grounded means,” says Alina. “And I urge all of you to come take my yoga class after I complete this 200-hour course.”