How To Live In The Moment Unless This Moment Is Super Boring

Staying present in each and every moment is so important if you want to get the most out of the short time we all have on this earth. Of course, some moments are super boring and if you want to check out every now and then, we totally understand. So here’s how to live in the moment unless the moment is a total snoozefest, in which case please, feel free to remove yourself from the moment entirely.


Notice Sensory Details

If you’re having trouble staying in the present, incorporate sensorial mindfulness into your daily routine. Focus on how it feels to do mundane tasks like washing your face or brushing your teeth and stay present while you discover how excruciatingly boring these activities are! Next time, feel free to go down a brain hole because it will be much better than your reality.


Redirect Your Mind

Whenever you realize your mind has wandered away from the present moment, come back to the now. For example, next time you’re in a work meeting and realize you haven’t been paying attention, don’t get mad at yourself. Instead, engage by taking deep focusing breaths and deliberately listening to each word. That is, unless your boss is giving the world’s most boring presentation and you cannot believe you have to sit here listening to his monotone voice for 30 more minutes. Please, go back to dreaming about your beach vacation to Aruba!



Change a Routine

Do you ever walk home from your bus stop and realize you weren’t paying attention the whole walk? Next time, don’t take the route you usually take. Your brain will stay alert taking in your new surroundings. You know, like the grey sidewalk, or the leafless trees, or a never-before-seen pile of garbage. Damn, every path home is super boring and horrible! Tune out, because your life is meaningless!


Practice Gratitude

Practice feeling grateful throughout your day. It will remind you that there is joy to be found even in the here and now. Except the only pleasures now are the stale cookies in your cabinet you will definitely eat. Wow, this is so fucking boring it’s almost impossible to stay alive let alone present!


Use these tips to stay in the moment unless this moment is actually so boring because your life is painstakingly uneventful. And if your life is interesting, wow! You can actually go to Hell!