Cool! This Woman Will Let Her Dog Lick Her on the Mouth But Won’t Drink Tap Water

Some people remain vigilant when it comes to sharing germs and other contaminants. But this germaphobic lady is a little different: New York resident Willow Keaton-Levi refuses to drink tap water, but she’ll still let her dog lick her directly on the mouth!


“At least I know where my dog’s mouth has been,” said Willow, as her dog contorted to lick his butthole clean. “Who knows what kind of contaminants are in my tap water? I just like to be aware of what I’m putting into my body.”


We’re amazed that Willow is totally fine with her pup’s hot mouth but fearful of the pristine, highly regulated resevoir water that comes out of her New York City tap!


“At least I know what Laslo has going on in there,” said Willow, unaware that her dog eats cat shit out of the litter box. “Somebody else is in control of what goes into the drinking water, and there’s no way of telling how it’s managed what could potentially be added to it: fluoride, chlorine, maybe even raw sewage? It’s disgusting to even think about!”


“It doesn’t make any sense,” said Willow’s close friend Tina Michtler. “New York is literally renowned for its tap water but she’ll spend like $50 a week on bottled water then straight-up French kiss her dog.”


“She lets Laslo stick his tongue down her throat but I’ve seen her go thirsty rather than drink a glass of sink water,” added Matt Gifford, another pal. “I mean, more power to her, but I’m definitely never gonna share a straw with her.”



But Willow is confident she knows what’s best for her.


“Anyone can just stroll up to our watershed and taint it with something horrible,” said Willow, as her dog absentmindedly mouthed a tattered tennis ball. “I’m just not open to taking that risk.”


“Besides, it’s scientifically proven that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans,” she added.


It sure isn’t, Willow!