Freaky! This Woman Can Sense if There’s a Sephora Within a 10-Mile Radius!

It can be hard to believe that psychics or clairvoyants are just regular people who walk among us, but 29-year old Morgan Wilbur’s freaky sixth sense proves they absolutely do. This incredible woman can sense if there’s a Sephora within a 10-mile radius of her, no matter where she is.


We have chills just thinking about it!


“It just comes to me,” says Wilbur. “Sometimes someone will ask if there’s a Sephora nearby and I’ll just sense the direction in which they should go. Sometimes I’m just walking, minding my own business, when it’ll hit me: There’s a Sephora somewhere around 9 or 10 miles north/northwest of here.”


Wilbur’s powers, though great, do seem to be limited. She can sense when a Sephora is nearby, but she isn’t able to determine the precise address or location, nor is she able to tell if the Sephora is currently open.


“I suspect that my powers will get stronger with time,” she says. “Which is why I currently spend so much time in Sephora, just sort of honing and charging my craft. Maybe someday I’ll be able to pinpoint an exact location, or be able to tell you if your fave lip gloss is in stock.”


“Still, if you need to know if you are in the general vicinity of a Sephora, I can let you know.”


The thought sends shivers down our spines!



“At first it was pretty cool and freaky,” says friend Nadia Monroe. “Most of the time we just use Google Maps because it’s more accurate, but it’s still good to know she could help us if we didn’t have service or something like that.”


“Her ability is freaky for sure,” says Melissa Hadid, another friend. “But also it’s so unspecific that one time we walked for four hours as she let the ‘spirit realm’ guide us to a Sephora that was a full 10 miles away. Then when we got there it had fully gone out of business like two years ago.”


Wilbur has tried to make her skill work with other important locations such as hospitals and homeless shelters, but apparently it only works with Sephora, the French cosmetic superstore.


“I don’t know,” Wilbur says. “I guess you can’t choose your psychic gift,” she said with a pause. “Wow, sorry I just had a vision. We’re definitely within 10 miles of a Sephora right now. ”