Incredible! Woman Tacks ‘If That Makes Sense’ Onto Phrases That Definitely Make Sense

Sady Sloan has a remarkable skill that astounds everyone around her: Without any prodding, Sady is able to clarify almost any statement she makes by adding the phrase, “If that makes sense” to the end of it.


Her ability to invite questions from the listener, regardless of the simplicity of her statements, is truly incredible!


Whether she’s explaining how to use the copier or just telling someone that they have to make the first left to get to the bathroom, Sady positions almost every workplace directive with the follow-up, “If that makes sense?” whenever she gets the chance. Even the most mundane declarations, such as, “I’m not feeling that great today” are an opportunity for an “If that makes sense” or “You know what I mean?” from Sady.


Sady’s bulletproof communication style is an inspiration to us all!



“It’s truly incredible how often she asks whether things make sense,” says friend Amanda Armblatt. “The other day she was telling me about how she wanted to dye her hair blond but she wasn’t sure I was getting it. I was definitely getting it.”


Wow, Sady! You’re really guiding people towards total lucidity!


“I just want to make sure I’m being clear,” Sady told us. “Sometimes I’m thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if they’re understanding what I’m talking about,’ you know what I mean? Not sure if that makes sense.”

Thanks, Sady!