Incredible! This Woman Will Do Anything As Long As It’s Branded As A ‘30-Day Challenge’

Sticking to any kind of diet or workout regimen can be difficult for anyone, but Boulder resident Luna Sellick is proudly willing to do literally anything – as long as it’s branded as a “30-Day Challenge.”


Luna has completed countless 30-day challenges in the past, including workout challenges, diet challenges and social media cleanse challenges.


“I do not like to be told what to do,” explains Luna. “But if it’s a 30-day challenge, I’m there.”


Wow, way to go after what you want, Luna ­– specifically, anything that is a 30-day challenge!


“Luna never does her dishes, so last week I grabbed a marker and a piece of paper and wrote, ‘Clean One Thing A Day 30-Day Challenge’ in giant letters,” says roommate Renée Isherbom. “She was posting about it on Facebook all month and now the apartment is spotless.”


Get it, girl!



Others have caught onto Sellick’s dedication with 30-day challenges, including her boss, Farine Goltworl.


“Luna said she was too strapped for time to finish the winter lookbook,” says Farine. “I emailed her with the subject, ‘30 Day Lookbook Challenge’. She answered back in five minutes asking how much it costs to partake in the challenge. It’s her job.”


Luna makes a point to document all challenges on social media to keep herself accountable, and also to brag.


“One time she did a 30-day sex challenge with her boyfriend,” adds Renée. “As if that was like, even a thing, or even a challenge.”


“I want people to know I did something hard for a lot of days,” says Luna.


At the conclusion of this interview, Luna told us she was embarking on a new challenge introduced to her by her boyfriend: “We’re On A Break For 30-Days Challenge.”


Way to be, Luna!