Ugh, Dude From Last Night Still Around

After bringing a guy from the bar back to her apartment yesterday evening, 28-year-old Georgia Lifford woke up and quickly realized that ugh, yep, that dude from last night is still around.


Lifford was celebrating her good friend Ashley Oliver’s book deal when she came across a guy who she eventually slept with later in the evening. However, after making coffee and watching him snore this morning, she found him much less cute and, in fact, really can’t believe that he’s still here at 11:00 am.


“Why is he still in my bed? I have to leave for a brunch in fifteen minutes,” says Lifford, looking toward her bedroom door. “I don’t even know his name.”


This incident is consistent with a new study that revealed 68% of women who bring a stranger to their home for sex feel “ugh” when he’s still there the next morning.


“I want to go about my day and not see my mistake from last night in the morning,” says 32-year-old Rachel Urbender. “No, you can’t ‘make us waffles’. Get out of my house!”


Despite the fact that the majority of women are at the very least a little ‘meh’ when men stick around, this doesn’t stop these guys from staying put in a space that is not theirs in any way.



“I like Georgia and think we have something special,” says the dude, who is absolutely wrong.


Lifford was finally able to get this guy out of her house by making up the excuse that she was going to visit her grandmother in the hospital. At the conclusion of this interview, Lifford received a text on her phone from the dude last night that read,


“I’m sorry about your grandma. I’m here if you need me,” as if that was a thing she actually wanted.