How to Get Men to Chase You But Not When You’re Jogging at Night

Every girl wants the boys to chase them… except, of course, when you’re taking your very scary and vulnerable nightly jog. That would just be frightening! Here’s how to make sexy men pursue you, figuratively, and not literally on foot when it’s very dark out and you’re busy just trying to exercise safely!


Be Mysterious

Men are intrigued by mystery and the unknown, which is why they love magic shows so much. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to pique their interest is by being elusive and keeping some things left unsaid. This will whet his appetite, make him curious, and have him begging for more! If you’re jogging though, just try to be as obvious as possible. Like maybe wear a reflective vest and a Police Radio scanner at full volume. You want to be the opposite of mysterious while running at night.


Play Hard-to-Get

This calculative trick of the trade is a classic for a reason: It works! Playing hard-to-get makes men want to rip their skin off in a frustrated rage and woo you in the way you deserve. Tell him you’re busy with other things: errands, friends…even other men if you’re feeling nasty. Or if you’re on a night jog, maybe try running as fast as possible in intricate zig-zag patterns and hopefully toward a busy public street.



Confidence is Key

Most men respond very positively to confidence, as it displays comfort in oneself as well as romantic situations. Men will notice your confidence and pine for you. Don’t be afraid to be completely, 100% yourself––unless he’s asking for your name as you jog past him after dark. Don’t respond, don’t look anywhere but straight, have a close friend or parent on speed dial. Pick up the pace! Remember your training!


Follow these helpful tips and you’ll have guys pursuing you everywhere you go! Definitely subdue it when you’re on your evening loop around the neighborhood though, because that would just be chilling!