Incredible! This Woman Remembered the First Day of Her Last Period

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Emily Nielson wowed everyone, especially her doctor, when she miraculously remembered the exact day that her last period started.


What began as a routine gynecological exam became an appointment for the record books when Nielson’s doctor asked, “What day did your last period start?”


Nielson then answered accurately without hesitation. She didn’t even need to pull out her birth control pack or count back on her fingers. She simply said “October 27th” with a confidence that shook even her doctor and a seasoned nurse practitioner.


“I was beyond floored,” says Dr. Monique Roberson. “We ask that question hoping to get some sort of rough estimate. No woman knows when her last period started. None.”


While many are calling Nielson’s incredible recall a miracle, Nielson is staying modest and downplaying the experience.


“I had an important interview the same day my period started,” says Nielson. “So it was kind of easy to remember. But by the time I got back out to the waiting room, everyone in the office knew about it, and all the women waiting for their appointments were standing and applauding. The nurses all shook my hands as I left. When I went to pay the receptionist was like, ‘Nah, this one’s on me.’”


One doctor at the practice, Dr. Shachi Gupta, said she very overcome by emotion at the news.



“Women don’t realize that we can actually tell a lot from knowing the day of your last period,” says Dr. Gupta. “I think I speak on behalf of the entire practice when I say that Emily made us, for the first time, feel seen.”


Dr. Gupta added that, upon hearing of Nielson’s unbelievable memory, she wept.


“I’m not trying to be a hero,” says Nielson. “But I guess it is cool I remembered when my period started. Although Dr. Roberson also asked how many sexual partners I’ve had and I literally had to pull out my bullet journal. That was embarrassing.”


You go, girl!