6 Spring Lip Colors to Wear to the Gym

You go to the gym to look good, so why not look your absolute best? Bold lips make any woman instantly more beautiful, and when you’re competing with other women who also live at the gym, you need that extra edge to stand out. Here are eight sexy, sunny lip colors to wear on the elliptical this spring!


1. Fanny Tangerine

This vibrant yellow-orange tint is perfect for any energetic woman planning on pumping up her booty with a sidelong smile on the Stairmaster! Don’t be afraid to lunge into this wild color like a tigress, hunting the weaker women on the stationary bicycles.


2. Bicep Berry

This juicy fuchsia lip is the ideal look for ladies who want those Michelle Obama guns. You’ll intimidate every girl (and most men) when you reach for the tube mid-set to reapply.


3. Child’s Rose

A delicate light pink lipstick for the gal who practices yoga seven times a week – and looks fantastic at all times. Seriously, how do you find the time and money? Complement your pricey Lululemon pants with the shade that will remind everyone of your eternal youth and privilege.



4. Purple Pinwheel

Ideal for the most flawless women in spin class, this over-the-top purple shade shimmers as you pedal your way to nowhere on a fancy stationary bike. The instructor will really believe that you turned your resistance up to a ten.


5. Red in the Face

Ideal for an incredibly, unnecessarily intense WERQ class, this bright red will eventually match the color of your exhausted, beet colored face, making you look like you did it on purpose.


6. Butt Sweat

This is a clear gloss for a gal who sweats hard between the cheeks. If you’ve got what looks like a pee spot on your workout pants after your time at the gym, this gloss will help finish off the “wet look” that was perfectly intentional because you’re flawless at all times.


Remember, ladies. When you style your lipstick to match your workout, no one will dare try to tell you your time is up on the treadmill. Have fun!