STYLE WATCH: 5 Pieces That Everyone Else Is Wearing Already

That Hat

Do you feel like the fast pace of fashion is leaving you behind? Do you have no idea where everyone goes to buy the same clothes? Wouldn’t people like you better if you fit in? We’ve learned the best way to keep friends, family, or a job is to look exactly everyone else. Check out our fashion must-haves and keep up with the crowd this spring!


Statement Necklace

If your necklace isn’t ten times the size of a normal necklace, you’re doing it wrong. It will place a lot of weight onto your chest, so be prepared for the same pain that your friends have been fashionably enduring for months. This necklace says, “I care about being on-trend more than I care about my body,” which is exactly what you want your friends to believe.



Plaid—Still A Thing!

If you still don’t have a plaid flannel shirt, try searching in literally any nearby store. Even CVS stocks plaid and knows it’s five minutes away from being O-V-E-R. If you show up somewhere and you’re the only person wearing plaid, then it finally happened—remove the shirt immediately.

Glasses, Definitely Glasses

Remember how everyone got nearsighted around 2012? The glasses trend is still going strong, so screw up your perfect vision with whatever it takes. There’s no time to wait for your hereditary cataracts to kick in—try staring into the sun for long periods.

Those Big Hats

Celebrities, hot chicks, and other fashionistas will not quit with those big hats. No one has ever pulled it off successfully, but that is NOT a good reason to avoid wearing one. Friends don’t let friends look like prospectors by themselves, so join in the fun while it’s still sort of acceptable.

Lighter Clothes Than During Winter

With spring around the corner, you’ll notice friends switching from Acne jeans, Uniqlo long underwear, Rag & Bone boots, and James Perse tees under Canada Goose parkas to lightweight clothes for the warmer temperatures. Those could be anything! For now, just wear the winter outfit and say you forgot to check the weather because at least you know what works in that context.
Fashion is way less fun when you do it alone! Follow these guidelines and you’ll be in with the in crowd before you can say “identity crisis.”