Brooklyn’s New ‘It’ Girl, Brooklyn, Dons Brooklyn’s New Brooklyn-Inspired Trend

Brooklyn - Reductress

In a spacious loft near Bedford Ave and North 6th Street, Brooklyn, there is delicate lighting upon the delicate chain of a Brooklyn-made bracelet. Brooklyn Graham-Wythe laughs, one hand coming up from her mug of Brooklyn’s own Blue Bottle coffee to cover her mouth. “I call that the Williamsburg sunbeam—it’s this playful, beautiful sort of morning sun that only shines between North 6th and North 10th Street on a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, morning.” Wythe is the darling of Driggs Street, the new “It” girl embraced by the fashion world as one of their own.


May we call her Brooklyn?

“Of course!”


You would never know it from her Brooklyn-y smile (outlined in Brooklyns own Sage and Sentrymatte lip pencil, $48), and her modest, Brooklyn-inspired ensembles—très Brooklyn!—(Egret and Elephantshift dress, $1250), but Brooklyn is the trendsetter behind a new Brooklyn-inspired line of clothing, Née in Brooklyn.


The “Belle of Bedford,” as Brooklyn is known, has one muse, above all else: “It’s Brooklyn.” She pauses, momentarily thoughtful as she adjusts a strand of hair that has fallen from her braided up-do (dubbed the “Brooklyn Braid.”)


“From the hustle of Bedford Ave and North 8th, to the calm of McCarren Park, I am in love with it all. Any true Brooklynite—who’s seen the moon wax and wane from the rooftop of every loft from North 6th to North 8th Williamsburg Berry Street—knows exactly what I mean, but I’d like to bring Brooklyn bliss to the entire world. Bedford Avenue.”



And so Brooklyn has. Brooklyn’s Brooklyn-born fashion sense combines the best of northwest Brooklyn with the Brooklyn-infused beauty of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Expect to see Brooklyn’s Brooklyn chic—like Brooklyn’s “Brooklyn”-emblazoned cap, Brooklyn-sourced “Brooklyn bangles” and the entirety of the Williamsburg Bridge standing behind her—quickly become de rigeur for the fashion world at-large, which still includes Brooklyn.


Brooklyn has to cut our visit short—her parents, of Lansing, Michigan, are calling to check in—but before we go, she offers one last of Brooklyn’s classic “Breukelenbon mots.


“If I could wear all of Brooklyn on my sleeve, I would,” Brooklyn murmurs. Oh, Brooklyn, we wish you could, too.