I Am A BBG Girl, You Know, A Brooklyn Botanical Garden Girl

BBG came into my life when I needed it most. I was lacking community after moving to a new city. It was a dark, lonely time for me – I’d never felt so out of control of my mind and my body. That’s when a friend told me about BBG, you know, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden! Now, all I talk about is my life-changing BBG experience, and I’m proud to say it loud: I’m a BBG Girl.


A bunch of ladies I know call themselves ‘BBG Girls’. At first, I found it a little hokey since it shares an acronym with the BBG fitness Instagram community. I’ve always felt skeptical of building friendships like that over social media. However, about a month ago I was feeling so desperate to find like-minded people that I decided to make an account dedicated to my progress. You know, my progress learning about the flora at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden!


The first day as a BBG girl totally kicked my butt. Who knew the Botanical Garden was so big! By the time I walked from the Herb Garden to the Rose Garden, my heart was beating out of my chest. I was sweaty and I had exhausted muscles I didn’t even know existed. It had been so long since I had committed such a tiring physical endeavor, and I was proud of myself for getting through it. I logged into my Insta, took a photo of myself and hashtagged it #bbgbabe.


I got a lot of followers really quickly. I try to follow everyone back who follows me, because I’m just trying to meet people who share my love of horticulture. My supportive followers comment motivational things on my posts like, “Keep up the good work!” and “What an amazing transformation!” And they’re right: True transformation is happening, since it’s fall now and many of my favorite cultivars, like Crape-Myrtle, are in bloom!


I’m only disappointed I haven’t run into any of my followers at the Gardens. I’m here almost every day and the gardens are only 52 acres, but I guess I just keep missing them.



Today I grammed my first pic without me in it. One of my longtime followers, @andreabbgfitgirl, commented, “This isn’t BBG. This is just a flower.” To her I responded, “No, this IS BBG! The fall has officially arrived and with it many new specimens!” Who knew my post about Blue Wood Aster (or should I say Symphyotrichum cordifolium) would cause such drama!


Lots of the BBG Girls pose in their underwear. Sometimes I wonder why they’re doing that, since our main passion is botany, but who am I to judge? I’m just happy I have friends. So what if they all happen to be muscular, tan and really hot? At least they’re into flowers!!