When a Guy Sleeps With Everyone, He’s A ‘Stud,’ When I Do It, I ‘Have Chlamydia’

It’s no secret that there’s a double standard when it comes to women and sex. Men are celebrated, even respected, for being “bachelors” while women are under constant pressure to stay “modest” and settle down. I’ll just never understand why when a guy sleeps with everyone, he’s considered a “stud,” but when I do it, I “have chlamydia.” Ugh!


Look, I love sex. I’m not ashamed of my body, and I’ve surrounded myself with people who support me and do not object to my numerous sexual partners and really celebrate my body positivity! But STILL my doctor has the gall to say that just because I’m a woman, my diagnosis is a “highly unusual strain of chlamydia.” Okay, double standard much? He did say that men get it too, but what the hell??



In this world, men can do whatever they want – sleep around, have one-night stands, date multiple women at once. But somehow, just because I slept with someone who “had chlamydia,” I’m the one who has to take a round of antibiotics to cure “my” chlamydia because I “have chlamydia.” That’s the patriarchy for ya!


I wish more women felt confident enough to come out and say, “I am a sexual being and I am proud!” I also wish I could come out and say, “I do not have chlamydia.” But I can’t say that because it’s not true because I do definitely have chlamydia. Wow.


The truth is, men and women will never truly be equal until I get rid of what “the doctor” calls this “especially nasty case of chlamydia.” Because, as a woman, whether you have one sexual partner or 10, you have to admit that yes, I do have chlamydia.


Men are so brazen that they will often insist on sex without a condom. But the truth is, sometimes they insist on using a condom and you say, “Absolutely not, I’m sex-positive, that’s my whole thing” and then they’re like, “Okay but you should know I have chlamydia” and you’re like “I don’t care” and then the next thing you know you have chlamydia and no one wants to call you a “stud” because you’re a woman who now apparently “needs to see a doctor.”


Well, guess what? I’m a feminist and I won’t be ashamed about my chlamydia if it kills me! And that’s good for me because I’ve waited so long to get treatment that it probably will. Goodbye!