White Guy Making It Uncomfortably Obvious That He’s Never Dated Anyone Non-White Before

During a Tinder date last Tuesday, 24-year-old white guy Levi Durst made it uncomfortably obvious that he’d never been on a date with anyone who wasn’t white before.


“I was a little nervous because this was my first date with a black woman, like, ever,” said Levi. “I don’t usually date outside of my race. But I made reservations at a soul food place so she’d feel comfortable. I think I managed pretty well!”


Levi, who only went on this date to prove something to himself, is convinced he managed to pull it off gracefully.


“I wanted to make her feel at ease so I talked a lot about the new Childish Gambino video,” says Levi. “I ate a whole bowl of collard greens even though I think they’re pretty gross. I wanted to make it seem like I’d done this before, and I think she totally bought it.”


Jocelyn Peters, the date in question, asserts that she absolutely did not buy it.


“Levi kept mentioning how beautiful my weave was. I wasn’t wearing a weave,” says Jocelyn. “It’s like he Googled ‘black women’ and clicked on the first three links.”


Sources confirm this is exactly what Levi did the night before his date with Jocelyn.



“It was painfully obvious that I was the first black girl he’s ever dated, and probably the first woman of color in general,” says Jocelyn. “He was trying so hard to play it cool, and he definitely failed.”


But Levi is confident that he looked like a regular Prince Harry.


“It feels good that my first date with a black woman went off without a hitch,” said Levi. “Jocelyn hasn’t answered any of my texts since then, but I’m sure it’s because she’s busy at church or something. Now I can cross a black girl off my list!”


“Maybe I’ll find a Spanish girl next,” he added.