Busy Woman Finds Time to Talk Incessantly About How Busy She Is

Although student Margot Reynolds prepared herself for a jam-packed day of classes, lab sessions, meetings and errands this week, she still managed to find the time to talk to her friends non-stop for 30 minutes about how busy she was.


“I have so much to do today, I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get through it all,” said Reynolds as she posted a meticulously staged Instagram of her morning coffee next to her heavily annotated bullet journal from her kitchen table, with the caption “Can this day be over already? #busyAF #morecoffee #please”.


When her roommate asked what specifically she had to do that day, Margot defensively replied, “I’d go into details if I had more time, but today is just too crazy busy for me – sorry!”


Still, despite being so crazed, Reynolds actually was able to squeeze in a ten-minute rant about how busy she was.


Reynolds also found time Wednesday for an impromptu two-hour lunch with friend Betsy Williams, where she spent a solid half hour talking about how she needed a break from her hectic day.


“This is exactly what I needed on a day like this,” explained Margot, as she started on her second glass of Chardonnay. “It’s just been so insanely busy. I have no time to think!”


“Anyway, I should really get going, I’m so busy,” she reportedly added, showing no sign of leaving anytime soon.


Though Reynolds finally made it to her scheduled group meeting an hour late, she still found about 15 quick minutes to monologize about how her schedule that day had been “absolutely nuts” and that she’d been “going and going and going” since the morning.


According to her classmates, this is not the first time Margot’s talked incessantly about being busy.



“She’s always talking about how busy she is and how she wishes she had more time to get everything done,” said classmate Dory Flores, who also works a full-time job while going to school to get her masters. “She’d probably have a lot more time if she wasn’t always talking about how much she had to do. It’s pretty annoying.”


When Reynolds returned home that evening, she had an email from Flores reminding her to do her part of the group project. After reading it, Reynolds spent the next hour complaining before promptly going to bed.


Way to find the time, girl!