Caffeinated Drinking Games for the Busy Woman

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You loved drinking games in college, but now you have a career, kids, insurance, and an obligation to stay sober just in case someone gets hurt. Still want to feel like you’re part of the gang? Just swap out beer for coffee and energy drinks and watch those drinking games unlock your true productivity.


Beer Pong
Bring this college classic from the basement to the board room! Just swap out beer for Red Bull and ping pong balls for stress balls. And remember—business is all about competition, so don’t let your coworkers see any signs of weakness like compassion or good sportsmanship. Use this as an opportunity to hone in your ruthless sense of ambition, and get amped for that client meeting coming up at 2pm.


King’s Cup
This card game requires a bit of commitment due to the lengthy list of rules. For the working mother, we recommend transforming this from a traditional card game into way to kill two birds with one stone. Grabbed an ace? You get a nice caramel latte. A jack of spades gets you a large gas station coffee, but a queen of hearts nabs you a six-pack of Five-Hour Energy. Clearly you have not yet mastered being a working woman and a good mother so you need to pull an all-nighter to figure out how to stop disappointing everyone around you.


Waterfall is a simple game perfect for corporate teams of any size. This one requires that everyone sit in a circle and drink continuously until the person to their right stops. The ease of this game means it can even be done during strategic planning meetings. Just buy Trenta Americanos for the group, lock eyes, and let the survival of the fittest begin. For an extra challenge, make them extra hot Americanos.



Drink on Cue
This game has no official name, but if you’ve ever taken a shot of Jack Daniels every time someone says “God” during the ESPYS, you know how it works. To bring this one into the workplace, get your team to take a shot of espresso every time Joanna says “innovative” during her presentation. Pretty soon, you’ll all be vibrating with fresh ideas!


Flip Cup
For a test of your speed and agility, try this party favorite. Swap out those red Solo cups for ceramic mugs of iced coffee. The coffee will keep you awake long enough to finish redesigning that PowerPoint you accidentally erased and the therapeutic smashing of dishes will help release some of the tension that comes from this monotonous nightmare you call life.


Now get out there and re-live your college days, without any of the wasteful inefficiency. Bottoms up!