Naughty Drinking Games to Get You Fucked Up…and Fucked

drunk girls

Sure, you could just get drunk and hook up with a guy, but what if you made a game of it and pretended like you were totally cajoled into it? Here are some fun drinking games to help you get totally messed up and even more sexed up this weekend:

20 Sex Questions

Take turns asking each other if you want to have sex. If the opponent doesn’t answer yes they have to drink.

Flip Cup Butt

Both players chug a beer as fast as possible then put the cup on the edge of a table and try to flick it right side up and then take off everything you’re wearing below the waist. First one to finish gets to take their shirt off. Loser does a shot.

Power Hour Shower

Every minute for an hour you both drink a shot of beer and pour another shot over your shirt. After an hour you’ll be really drunk and your shirt will be really wet.


Beer Schlong

Have the dude stand across the room naked and try to hit his dick with a Ping-Pong ball. If you miss you have to drink a beer and get naked. If you hit it he has to drink a beer and take your clothes off.

Two Truths and a Lie-bia

You tell your guy two truths and one “lie” about how much you want to have sex. (Hint: all statements will be aggressively pro-sex). If he guesses which one is false (Hint: none)…whatever the rules don’t matter ’cause you’re both really drunk by now. Take two shots each.
So the next time you’re about to get wasted with a dude in order to mask both of your insecurities about being naked together, have some sexy drinking fun with these games that’ll make your wild behaviors seem even more socially acceptable.