I Fucked My Husband Every Day For a Year and Now We’re All Fucked Out

Well, I did it.


Every single day for one entire year, I let my husband do me. That’s 365 days of sex. I know what you’re thinking: “Why would you do that?” And that’s how I felt too when it started. But after 362 solid poundings and three really bad ones, I am happy to report that we are all fucked out!


Yup, we did it! We are way behind on our bills and can’t find any of our children, but at least we got all the fucking out of the way at once. Now we’re all set!


A little over a year ago, my friend said she was having sex with her husband every day and I decided I would too. She said it invigorated her marriage and strengthened their bond, but for my husband and I it had a different effect: we ended up meeting our lifetime sex quota and now we’re done.


Going into this whole thing, I don’t know what I was looking for. Maybe a relief from my insecurities, maybe increased intimacy with my husband. What I got was a ton of fucks and an exhausted pussy that is now permanently closed for business.



At first, mandatory love-making felt like a time-consuming chore. Fucking every day ain’t easy!


By the end though, it no longer felt like a chore, especially as compared to the real chores that we completely neglected while we were covering our bedroom in jizz. Ultimately, we realized it was easier to burn our house down and build a new one. It cost a fortune, but at least we got a whole marriage-worth of fucking out of the way in a single year.


There was a time near the end that seeing his dick was like saying the same word over and over again: it had lost all meaning. I didn’t even understand what sex was anymore because we had done it so much. By the end, we very literally had no fucks left to give. We were all fucked out.


But in the end, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s had a great impact on our relationship. Now, when I speak, my husband really listens to me and even makes eye contact. And we’re never going to bang ever, ever, ever again. Wow!


Sex is a challenging part of your marriage, but for us, it’s now a non-issue. Because we fucked so much that we never have to fuck again!