Decoding His Ignoring Style

We have all been there: the hot new hunk you’re falling-head-over-heels-for-after-just-one-date just up and disappeared on you. What happened? Don’t give up hope – he might be trying to send you a message! Understanding the real reasons why he’s ignoring you will lead you on the scavenger hunt back into your man’s arms:

He’s Not Texting You Back

When your man fails to respond to your text messages it can only mean one thing—he lost his phone! He can be so adorably absent-minded sometimes. Show him how organized and helpful you are by tracing his phone with the help of a tech-savvy friend. When you show up his doorstep and find the missing phone on his coffee table, he’ll know first hand how good you will be be at planning your future wedding—you’re a lady who knows how to get things done!


He’s “Not Feeling Well”

Ladies, this one is serious. When a man says he is not feeling well and wants to stay in and lay low, your alarm bells should be going off. He is seriously ill and potentially dying and is testing you to see if you can live up to the “in sickness and in health” vows he is hoping to someday share with you. Run—don’t walk (or drive, it’s less romantic) over to his house and be prepared to spend every waking moment nursing him back to health until he is ready to take you go carting like you had suggested before he got sick.

He Ditches You at a Party and Flirts With Other Women

When a guy is talking to other girls at a party, it most likely means he is asking them what kind of gift he should get you for your upcoming two-week anniversary. Men are notoriously self-conscious about gift-giving. As if you wouldn’t be happy with just his wonderful company! Men are so clueless sometimes. Just relax, let it happen and get excited for some bling, girlfriend!!!
Ready, set, MARRIAGE!