Is He Totally Over You, or Is He Suffering From Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease?

Have you spent too many nights sitting around, waiting for your boyfriend to call? He may be totally over you, or he could be one of the growing number of men suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. He may not be over you at all – he may just chronically forget that you exist. If your boyfriend has two or more of the following symptoms, it’s possible he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s:

1. He Leaves Texts Unreturned

The most telling sign of Alzheimer’s is memory loss. Are you ever in a totally flowing text conversation, and all of a sudden he stops responding? In some cases, you’ll catch your sweetie start typing a text only to have the (…) on your screen mysteriously disappear. This is a strong indicator that he’s suffering from Alzheimer’s.

2. He Has Forgotten Major Life Events

Does your boyfriend forget those extra little touches on birthdays and anniversaries—like your favorite flowers or a reservation at your favorite restaurant? If more than one of your expectations went unmet, he is most likely a victim of Alzheimer’s.

3. He Calls You by His Ex-Girlfriend’s Name

Alzheimer’s patients often notice new problems with vocabulary. He may not realize what year it is and may think he is still back in 2012 dating his ex.

4. He Skips Your Couples’ Salsa Class

Has he withdrawn from all social activities and promises only to “meet up later”? Many doctors notice patients becoming aloof in order to prevent loved ones from noticing any rapid decline.


5. He Often Clears Browser History

People living with EOA are often confused by activities they used to perform easily. He could be erasing his browser history when he’s actually trying to send you photos of your last outing together.

6. He is Breaking Up With You

Don’t get mad. His Alzheimer’s has progressed rapidly and he probably doesn’t know who you are anymore.
Remember, just because he’s not calling, doesn’t mean he’s not in late-stage dementia. Now that he’s been diagnosed, you’ll have the strength to stick by him no matter what his behavior is like. If he exhibits any of these symptoms, call a doctor or text him every hour reminding him to call until he responds.